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Hi Kate,


This page is for you to learn more about using Wix without altering anything on the published site.

Want to try?

To add text, go to the left hand menu and choose the + button.

You can then choose to add a heading or a paragraph.

Centred Heading

Have a go at moving the different text boxes you've added, and then try aligning them in different ways. You'll see the pink grid lines appear at different points to help you align the boxes.

Try changing the font colour, or making text bold or italic by clicking on a text box and choosing 'Edit text'. The 'Text settings' menu should popup. (If it doesn't, go to 'Tools' on the top menu bar and tick for 'Toolbar'.)

Now try changing an image.

Click on the image, then click 'change image'. Your gallery will pop up. First select an image from your own gallery and replace this image. Then have another go and replace it with a Wix free image.

Once you've mastered that, try moving the image and changing its size by clickin on the image and using the 'handles' (The 8 white dots on the edge of the image box when it's selected.

Hope you enjoy your first session.

If anything's not clear, please contact me!


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